Immunity Teas Blah Blah….

Immunity is the key word this season. It’s the most googled word as well! And why not, we’re all scared for our health! 

We have a range of products that play on our fear as well! Let’s discuss a few of them…

  1. Immunity tea – This one is a personal favorite! If a tea can give you immunity, you should definitely give up your supplements and consume tea!
  2. Immunity biscuits – Maida with Ashwagandha never gave anyone immunity… or even if it did, with a lot of weight gain. The consensus, being unfit does not make you immune.
  3. Immunity Aata – This one’s a classic!
  4. Immunity shakes, smoothies, bowls, shots…Immunity chips
    The list is endless. Save yourself the trouble and money from falling for these words displayed on the packaging. Do take that extra minute to screen through all the ingredients other than 0.1% Moringa and 0.01% Spirulina!

So what gives you REAL IMMUNITY?

A well balanced lifestyle! Eating the right food with enough activity through the day.
Sunlight for 15-20 min in a day.
Water intake of 2-3 litres to flush out toxins definitely helps your system.
On the whole, taking care of yourself and using this time to evaluate and journal your day will help you understand your body better.

Listen to your body – it never lies!


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