Let’s talk motivation

A huge part of our growth and success! Motivation is also the reason behind our physical and mental health.

In today’s scenario, where all of us are locked down, we have nowhere to go, no one to meet and nothing fancy to do – it’s the hardest to be self motivated to move within the 4 walls of your home! How do you keep yourself going for the sake of energy levels, health and mental well being … Well , I’m sharing a few tips that definitely worked for me.

  1. Invest in a pair of dumbbells. While many of us love body weight training – let’s face it. A challenge every morning is what we enjoy.
  2. Set your workout timings and be consistent with it.
  3. Do not compromise on your routine more often than necessary.
  4. Look into a mirror while you train. Your progress will motivate you.
  5. Listen to some beautiful music or a motivational ebook when you workout. This way you won’t look at exercise as a chore but a routine you enjoy.
  6. Journal a workout schedule – know what you’re doing tomorrow. Let’s not be clueless about our workouts – let’s plan them out like we do for the rest of our day.


  1. Food largely affects your mental state – it can make you really happy or really sad. Hence, stay away from fads that are short lived and make you cut out the happy food groups.
  2. Meal plan your day – so you’re not wondering what junk you eat next!
  3. Fruit releases serotonin. So stock up your fruit shelves.
  4. Protein for strength and energy through the day!

Hope these tips help you stay motivated through the last of this lockdown.

Stay indoors – Stay safe


Founder – Kilobeaters


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