Rest Days and Cheat Days

Rest Days and Cheat Days

Readers – I’m sure you’ve all heard this before… Take some rest, eat this once in a while.

It’s true! We don’t realise the importance of our day off. When you have a hectic week with respect to work or running chores for the house or rigorous working out every day, your body tends to get sore and tells you to rest! Take that signal and listen to your body… Coz if you don’t, your body is prone to injury and eventually a burn out! Workouts are to be restricted to 5-6 times a week and the seventh day if rested well, helps the lactic acid build up… in layman’s terms – rejuvenate for the week to come.

In a similar way, it is crucial to enjoy your cheat meal once a week without guilt, without counting calories, without worrying about affecting your progress. 1 meal does not translate to 1 kg weight gain. If your consistent with your workout and routine, you can get away with 1 cheat meal a week which could be anything you enjoy!

This process creates sustainability and makes fitness a lifestyle you thoroughly enjoy!

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