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Hey all 

Hope everyone’s excited with the sense of normalcy around us. Our social lives are slowly getting back to a normal-ish state. But, be aware, we have to continue to be careful with our health to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself.

Let’s chat about health food trends and our colourful supermarkets flooded with products. The isles today have many zero added sugar, high protein products. However, how would you know which one is genuine and which one can be trusted? This comes down to 2 things Reading the ingredients at the back of the packet and Reading the nutritional info – carbohydrates, fats and protein , saturated fat and added preservatives.

Few rules before you go shopping at your favorite supermarket.

  1. Never go HUNGRY
    If you walk into a supermarket hungry, you will buy a lot of unnecessary junk as your body is craving sweet and fried foods since it’s hungry.
  2. Start from the outer isle
    The outer isle is usually stocked with fresh vegetables and fruit. So visiting those firt will ensure you stock up on the right kind of produce.
  3. Have a list to guide you
    This will avoid you picking up random items for your pantry you’ll never use.
  4. Read the package details
    As mentioned above, this point is of utmost importance as it’ll help you understand exactly what goes into the making of your favorite snack!
  5. Don’t target a long shelf life product
    Any product with long shelf lifes have preservatives to make them last that long. So choose wisely!

We’re guessing these guidelines will make for a more informed shopper.

Have a good week all!

Shyma Menon
Founder- Kilobeaters

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