Weight Loss NO – NO’s

Weight Loss NO – NO’s

I eat sweet once a day. I like jaggery with my tea. I drink alcohol every second day. I can’t give up sweets. I love fried food – once in a way only… these are some very common excuses!

There isn’t a middle ground – if the goal is weight loss or taking control of your health , here are some of the ingredients you completely stay away from. The list extends from here…but the basics are pretty simple to say No to.

  1. Sugar
    Run far away from sugar. It hasn’t done any good to anyone yet. Have you ever heard THE BENEFITS OF SUGAR?
  2. Refined oils
    Keep away from these highly processed heart cloggers
  3. Refined flour – Maida
    Again, completely unnecessary for your body and gut.
  4. Aerated drinks
    They don’t actually quench your thirst. They infact do exactly the opposite – create an addiction hard to overcome.
  5. Boxed cereals and processed meats
    Don’t give your body time to process these further thus causing harm.

We do hope these tips help!

Until next time.

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