WFH and Health

Hello all

We are all in a very comfortable space sitting on our sofas and working from home. If you ask me personally, I think its’ a pleasant change considering the amount of commute time we save in a day and the lowered levels of pollution in the air.

Well, the downside is that many of us fall out of routine in this scenario. Our log in times are fixed, however our workout schedules aren’t. They have become very flexible.

Our lunch breaks are fixed. However, the refrigerator being in the next room seems to do more harm than good. Mindless eating is the habit of the hour!

As always, we’re sharing a few tips to ensure your health is in check and you’re goals are on track.

  1. Call it a night early
    Netflix can take a break post 9 pm to ensure you mindlessly wind down when you hit the sack.
  2. Begin early
    Tip 1 will make this easy to do. When you start your day early, you have way more quiet time to accommodate all the things that you do for yourself without interruption from work calls!
  3. Set a workout routine and schedule your workouts the previous evening
    This is of utmost importance. You got to know what you’re doing next or you’ll just drift and this leaves you uninterested in the morning. You slack off and there goes your workout.
  4. Meal prep
    Chop your veggies, boil eggs, grill protein and store in the refrigerator. This makes it easy to make the right choices when you’re hungry.
  5. Do not skip meals
    This isn’t making your waistline small. Instead it leads to mindless snacking thus, weight gain.
  6. Give yourself time
    I know work’s hectic and WFH means many of us take our rest hours for granted. Don’t let work dictate your health and mind space. A healthy you is far more productive than a tired soul!

Have a good week all

Founder – Kilobeaters

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