What is the Ketogenic Diet and is it for you?

What is the Ketogenic Diet and is it for you?

The most searched diet of 2019-20 was the Ketogenic Diet. It has been claimed to be the most dangerous of them all. Well, dangerous is a harsh word… But so is this “diet”…!

I remember when this fad began and everyone hopped on wanting to lose weight real quick – with a whole new funda of eating lots of ghee, cheese, butter, cream. From dieticians telling clients to cook without oil to now telling them to deep fry cheese to meet their fat content for the day.

I fell victim to this diet myself as my clients blindly wanted to follow it. I’m not one for endorsing diets without having tried it myself. So, my husband and I decided to give this a go to understand what the craze was all about.

I lasted exactly 3.5 days – by the end of which, I was craving a banana, had zero energy, was tired all the time, hated what I ate and lacked strength and motivation to move let alone workout! My husband on the other hand, braved it out for 7 days – Here’s why he decided to stop. At the end of the 7th day, while crossing a busy street, an already tired, carb denied brain decided to reduce it’s functioning and he had a mild blackout in the middle of the road! That was the end of that for the both of us!

Ketogenic diets are prescribed to those with epilepsy or seizures. An excellent way to lose weight, but definitely not a way to keep it off without all the other side effects that pop up after a couple of years of this infamous diet.

Like I always say, there’s a healthy way to follow a “KETO BASED” lifestyle. But, the important part is to analyse if you enjoy making a lifestyle of it! Vegans and vegetarians – definitely not the best idea for you!


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