What you do differently this lockdown?

What you do differently this lockdown?

Many of us are going through a small setback mentally with the lockdown coming upon us again. But wait, this one is for a shorter period and is far more relaxed! The best part – we’ve seen this before, so you know what to expect!

Here are a few tips to boost your energy levels through the day at home –

  1. Get sunlight – Spend 4-5 minutes in bright sunlight to absorb all positive rays of the sun.
  2. Move more – Make sure you workout everyday using body weight or your home gym. A good exercise routine sets the tone for the day and you need this kickstart right now!
  3. Set yourself a routine – We are all creatures of habit – so habituate yourself to the routine.
  4. Eat well – Eat lite
    Avoid starchy grains in a work from home situation as it leaves you feeling sluggish through the day . Instead, opt for high protein meals with good fat and complex carb.
  5. Hydrate yourself
    Drink plenty of water or snack on melons to up your intake of fluids and enhance your energy levels.
  6. Lastly, avoid negative self talk. You religiously need to tell yourself about all the things you’re grateful for. Journal your thoughts if it helps you… Take care of yourself this pandemic!

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