What you eat as a child

Research says what you eat as a child… defines your gut health and body composition for upto 20 years after!

Bad gut health is very common among many of us today. We avoid foods that cause bloating and discomfort. We understand today, what food works and doesn’t work for our system. Gut health reflects directly on your skin, nails, hair and overall health.

The underlying cause of a messy gut – Fat, sugar and processed foods consumed in our childhood! As parents, we love feeding our kids and nourishing their body with the right kind of foods. But the packaged food industry has managed to get the better of us with fancy packaging and false promises made towards the health of your child. We must understand – this industry thrives on pleasing your little one’s taste buds and creating a habit or addiction!

Sadly, our kids are not as active as they should be, thanks to the digital age we live in! The only way you can help this situation is by monitoring what quality of food your child consumes. An unhealthy lifestyle upsets the pathogenic balance in the system and thus the gut health for life!

Let’s ensure our kids are not reaching out to KOMBUCHAS AND PROBIOTIC CAPSULES to undo the damage like we do!

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