Your health in the second wave

I’m not happy penning down this article… but this was inevitable! With many of us taking our safety for granted as soon as the lockdown was lifted.

Let’s talk about the effects of the pandemic and the lockdown – what we can do to make this better for all of us.

  1. Number of cases on the rise
    Stay safe, stay indoors, wear your mask and sanitise
  2. Immunity compromised
    Your immunity is not compromised if you have a good lifestyle. A good lifestyle includes eating habits, activity and regulated sleep patterns.
  3. Inactivity leading to weight gain again
    This is true! You’ve just about resumed normalcy and you’re about to get locked down!
    Eating right is crucial to ensure you don’t put on weight. A high protein lifestyle will also help you beat sugar cravings – thus snacking through the day.
  4. Mental health
    Nurture your mind – talk to yourself in the most polite way possible. Be kind to your stressful mind and this too shall pass!
    The right foods release SEROTONIN – making you happy and leaving you feeling great!
    MORAL – say NO to FAD DIETS!
  5. Fitness level and motivation
    Buy yourself some home equipment – some great workout wear – and a weighing scale! This investment is worth every penny!
    Cook smart and meal prep. If that’s hard, subscribe to a well researched meal plan company (no endorsement of Kilobeaters here) and outsource your meals so you don’t fall off the wagon!

Stay strong – Stay safe – Spread love!

Kilobeaters, founder.

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