A high protein and low carb lifestyle is the ideal way to maintain your fitness levels and keep diseases at bay. Snacking and enjoying cheat days won’t be a problem anymore, read through to understand the how or why aspect of this concept.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is just lazy pancreas avoiding its duties to make insulin, break down the glucose, and deliver the carbs and sugar to energize the cells. Instead, what happens is the blood sugar level rises and acts as a slow poison to the human body. Although there is no particular cure in the medical industry for this disease, managing a healthy lifestyle and eating high protein- low carb would be beneficial.

There exists a famous quote, “Diabetes is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, but it is your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.” Highlighting the significance of this quote, individuals with Diabetes can either live a life full of restrictions upon their food cravings and feel entrapped by the disease, or on the other hand, they can manage their lifestyle and “enjoy the ride” – with a safety belt.

Fitness and a healthy diet including high protein and low carb lifestyle is a safety belt for diabetics. There is a valid argument that a low-carb diet plan cuts out everything tasty. A diabetic can not binge on sweets or potato chips, well the advancing food industry has turned that belief into a myth. 

Why slide your daily curriculum into a high protein – low carb diet?


With Kilobeaters following a high protein and low carb lifestyle gets as simple as much it is possible. They make daily breakfast products along with snacks that are targeted to the needs of diabetic patients. 

Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is not only beneficial to avoid the spike in blood sugar levels but also leads to a better appearance which results in a major confidence boost. Including such a diet plan in your daily life will surely help in the loss of stored fat, the high protein food carries a smaller number of calories, however, they count and gives a fuller sense after consuming them.

High protein food also contains more antioxidants and fiber, and is usually dense in micronutrients. Following a regular fitness regime and a low-carb dietary plan will not only help in reducing stored fat percentage but will also help with stabilizing your blood sugar levels, which in turn will boost the immune system avoiding other complexities caused by cholesterol and unhealthy fatty tissues in the body. 

Hence, a high protein and low carb lifestyle works like a double-layered shield for diabetics. No number of tablets and medicines will be as effective as maintaining a healthy diet along with fitness. 


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