There’s no middle path, it’s a complete NO!

Say yes to a healthy life by leading a no-sugar lifestyle.

Doctor Joseph Mercola once said. “…that cancer cells need sugar to thrive? When you consume sugar-laden foods, your pancreas’ beta cells produce insulin. By consuming sugar excessively, an overproduction of insulin may occur and you may become immune to its effects. Reducing sugar intake and normalizing your insulin levels can lower your risk of cancers.” This is true that added sugar has been proven harmful to our overall health. Let us understand what the risks of consumption of added sugar poses and the alternative dietary elements to lead a No-sugar lifestyle. Sugar free is not the same as NO SUGAR!

What are the consequences of in-take of added sugar?


Food with added sugar can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. An imbalance in the sugar level can result in the release of hormones that are effective for mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and false hunger calls. It is interesting how our mental or cognitive dissonance can be a cause of attracting physical diseases. Due to the constant food cravings to meet these false hunger signals, one can gain weight and fall under the threat of obesity. 

Just to reiterate certain basic disclaimers to avoid controversies, we don’t encourage people to fit into an ideal body shape by losing weight. However, obesity is an accumulation of fatty tissues in the body, it not only appears on the surface of the human body due to inflammation but also accumulates as visceral fat around the organs. This increases the risk of heart diseases which can later cause stroke or heart attack, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol,  hypoglycemia or even cancer. The worst part is, added sugar doesn’t limit its dangers of causing life risking diseases, it also gambles with the immune system. Bacteria and other infectious micro-organisms feed on sugar, we definitely would not willingly build a parasitic habitat within our bodies and suffer from an infection. Similarly, the same phenomena may take place in our oral area and compromise dental hygiene. 

Food elements with added sugar are also responsible for acne breakouts and heightened aging of the skin. The high blood sugar level mixing with the protein in our blood reacts in a way, which results in loosening skin tightness. 

These are all the basic and most alarming consequences of consumption of sugar, it is disturbing to highlight the fact that there are innumerable minor inconveniences that can draw a path to major health havoc caused by this particularly sweet dietary element.

How to lead a No sugar lifestyle? 

Flabbergasted much? It is never too late to turn the game. You can start following a healthy diet with no added sugar and a fit lifestyle to achieve positive results immediately. Although there is no shortcut to or an ending line to this. When we mention “lifestyle”, it involves commitment, without the latter there is no way out of the death trap. 

Hence if we want to commit to it for a lifetime, we should not be too strict with ourselves. Come on, we all have our guilty pleasure to satisfy our sweet tooth, but we can’t turn to the sugary products marketed and sold to consumers without making them aware of their dangerous consequences. Instead, we can consume food that is naturally sweet and contains healthy fats and fibre. The progressing food industry has researched and manufactured protein-induced snacks which are dense in nutrients. 

A no-sugar snack chart could involve zero sugar berries and fruits, stevia sweetened products, keto friendly snacks,  natural greek yogurt, and so on. 

Don’t be fooled by smart marketing ! Sugar free biscuits, sugar free sweets, sugar free cakes, sugar free drinks and other sugar free products are not always good for you.

Added sugar includes brown sugar, white sugar, cane sugar, brown rice syrup, jaggery, date syrup and many other masked alternatives. Be sure to READ YOUR PRODUCT LABELS. 

The absolutely clean sugar alternatives include stevia sugar free and erythritol. All other sugar alcohols, while don’t spike your blood sugar levels, are known to cause gut issues. The Kilobeaters products for Fitness and Diabetics are sweetened only with Stevia and/or erythritol. 

You can get guaranteed results just by inducing a NO SUGAR lifestyle and you will feel the difference within a few days of cutting down sugar and maintaining it. We could derive a lesson from it, stay away from sugar-coated liars and food products to avoid toxicity in our lives – stay fit, stay happy.