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Raw Cacao Almond Breakfast Porridge Mix

Low carb dessert for breakfast anyone? High protein porridge mix made WITHOUT OATS - This mix is made with Zero sugar chocolate, almond flour, nuts and seeds.
150 gm 1 Packet Serves 4

From: 245.00

Best for: Breakfast • First Meal • Post Workout


A high protein- Low carb – diabetes friendly Breakfast porridge made with ZERO sugar chocolate, Almond flour, whey, nuts and seeds! Zero insulin spike – zero preservatives.  Chocolate dessert minus the sugar and calories for breakfast!

Almond Porridge vs Oatmeal
Oatmeal – boring, bland, heavy carb, massive insulin spike, monotonous breakfast.


  • A high protein (whey) – low carb (no oats) porridge mix made with nut and seed flours only!
  •  Tastes like a dessert for breakfast.
  •  Start your day with 16g of protein for sustained energy levels and reduced sugar cravings!
  • No insulin spike – Made with 100% nuts and seeds only
  • Cook in water/ milk of your choice in 30 seconds!
  • A high protein (whey) – low carb (no oats) porridge mix made with nut and seed flours only!

Cooks in 30 – 40 seconds with texture like a porridge and feels like a dessert for breakfast! Top the cooked porridge with nut butter and devour!

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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
 Per 50 g
Energy  196 Kcal
Protein  16 g
Carbohydrate  6 g
Fat  12 g
Sugar  0 g
Cholesterol  0 g
Benefits of the Ingredients Used


I cook mine with coconut milk – love love love.

Vanita Shelar

So much better than bland, heavy carb oats.

Dinesh Surwase

So filling and doesnt spike insulin.

Sagar Jadhav

Takes 20 seconds to make and tastes like kheer.

Amol Wahi

No oats for me anymore – only this porridge mix topped with peanut butter.

Priyanka Mohite