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Baked Kerala Mixture for Diabetics

Pre workout, Post workout, 4 pm Snack #chaicoffee, Low carb high protein savoury snack
200 gm 1 Packet Serves 5

From: 140.00

Best for: Pre workout • Post workout • 4 pm Snack #chaicoffee • Low carb high protein savoury snack

This mixture made with 100% nut and seed flours helps control Insulin spike and to keep your blood glucose levels in check. Diabetic friendly – high protein low carb Kerala mixture is perfect for those cravings during tea time or through the day.

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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
Calories (kcal) 462
Total carb (g) 16.65
Net carb (g) 10.5
Protein (g) 18.14
Total fat (g) 35.9
Dietary fibre (g) 6.05
Potassium (mg) 247
Sodium (mg) 6

serving size = 100g
values per serving

Benefits of the Ingredients Used


Standard good fat , protein , low carb breakfast with yogurt

John Doe

Heavenly and simple breakfast.


Such clean ingredients. Love the taste.

Pavithra Acharya

I love breakfast these days with this high protein ZERO SUGAR clusters.

Jayshree Savla

Clusters that taste chocolatey with lots of protein.

Swapna Shetty