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Raw Cacao Whey Bar

Your 4 pm Zero insulin spike - Diabetes friendly snack!
35 gm


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Best for: 4pm Snack • Breakfast on the Go • Midnight Cravings • Netflix accompaniment • Dessert Craving • Post Workout

A clean high protein bar curated to ensure no insulin spike – made with nuts and seeds, whey isolate, zero sugar chocolate and stevia. This bar has zero grain, zero sugar and zero preservatives. If you’re a fan of chocolate, this one’s for you! A mildly sweet chocolate layer is the highlight of this bar – to give the feeling of a CHEAT MEAL without CHEATING . The chocolate is made with 100% Zero sugar chocolate! Late night cravings, going on a holiday, post workout refuel…or just looking for a low carb snack – try our #CHEATwithoutCHEATING Whey bars!

Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
 Per 30 g
Energy  122 Kcal
Protein  14 g
Carbohydrate  6 g
Fat  7 g
Sugar  0 g
Cholesterol  0 g
Benefits of the Ingredients Used

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