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BAKED NIPPAT – For Diabetics #chaicoffee

Your 4 pm clean Keto friendly #chaicoffee accompaniment!
100 gm

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Best for: Pre workout • Post workout • 4 pm Snack #chaicoffee • Low carb high protein savoury snack

Our healthy take on Nippat is a version BAKED with sunflower seeds, peanut, curry leaves – mildly spiced with south indian herbs. If you’re someone who craves a savoury snack with your cuppa in the evening, this clean, low carb version if just for you! Diabetes friendly, no presevatives, no additives.

Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
 Per 50 g
Energy  181 Kcal
Protein  19 g
Carbohydrate  6 g
Added Sugar 0.0g
Fat  9 g
Cholesterol 0.0g
Benefits of the Ingredients Used

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