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Breakfast Clusters – Berry

High protein low carb granola made with whey isolate, zero sugar berries, nuts and seeds. SAY NO to preservatives, no anti caking agents or any other additives
200 gm 1 Packet Serves 5

From: 310.00

Best for: Breakfast with yogurt and stevia/ fruit • First meal without insulin spike • High protein - anti oxidant rich breakfast

High protein- low carb breakfast to avoid blood sugar spikes first thing in the morning. Load up on lean protein to maintain low blood sugar levels through the day. Pair with yogurt and a few drops of stevia for a zero insulin spike – weight loss assistant breakfast option. SAY NO to heavy carb cereals made with oats, dates, jaggrey, rice, grains, poha and bread!

High in anti oxidants from the zero sugar cranberries and blueberries

A cup of yogurt, a few drops of stevia and breakfast clusters makes for a perfect breakfast option without any sugar spikes. This product also assists weight loss and PCOS correction.

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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
Approx Macros  181 Kcal
 Per 50 g 
Protein  14 g
Carbohydrate  11 g
Fat  9 g
Sugar  0 g
Benefits of the Ingredients Used


Mumbai delivery took 3 days. Can you make this faster? Mithais taste superb


No stevia aftertaste mithais. All the other brands have a bad aftertaste. These guys have aced the taste

Sharadha Gopal

None of these spiked my blood sugar. And tastes good as well. Can you please make rasogulla


Keto mithais. Delight


Its all made with nuts and seeds only and tastes so good. Happy tummy


The kaju and badam mithais are my absolute favorite. I don’t miss sweets anymore

Rahul Sarda

My mum is a diabetic and these are the only sweets she eats.


Love the cashew and almond ladoo


In my bag all the time this Wheyzulnut

Dr. Paramita

Nutella poor you. Wheyzulnut lucky me. Lick it all over. Crave it all the time. Best part – NO RUBBISH INGREDIENTS

Mehul Bhatt

Low carb bread and wheyzulnut. Life is good


My kid’s favorite. We don’t buy nutella anymore. Only wheyzulnut pouches lying around


The best chocolate spread i have eaten and it has no sugar . like zero sugar. tastes like a million bucks

Malini Agarkar

My breakfast companion. Period


They don’t use sugar, oil, peanuts in Wheyzult. Winner


So good. Just like Nutella without sugar and crap.

Mandeep Singh

Expensive. But is made with hazelnuts and cacao. So I don’t mind it

Larry Nate

Tastes like Nutella


Doctor recommended Kilobeaters and I am a fan ever since. Low carb snacks are the best here. Tastes delicious. I don’t crave sugar anymore.

Naveen Ramaswamy

I ate the whole packet and checked my Cyborg. Literally no insulin surge at all.


Some were a little broken. But that is ok. It was delicious. Coming back for more

Renu pillai

Divine cookies. Reminds me shrewsberry biscuits without the sugar and maida


Best keto friendly biscuits I ever had in India.


Clean ingredients. Wish you used dates instead of erythritol. But, it wouldn’t be Keto then.

Lavanya KP

My glucose monitor didn’t budge. So happy. Finally some authenticity around


Started with 100g pk, asked them for sample. They said no. I got angry. But now I buy 400g without discount. So tasty

Jeremy V

I have a Type 1 diabetic child and husband. These cookies won’t spike insulin. Lucky to have found them.

Palak Mehta

Think it tastes better than the real nankhatai

Reshma Kalivaidya

These are so delish! I finished a pk in 2 days

Manu Gupta

Melt in your mouth cookies. Didn’t spike my blood sugar either. New favorite from Kilobeaters


Shipping to Noida delayed. Guys get an outlet this side coz Iove this cake

Renjana S

I don’t miss sugar anymore. Big fan of these cakes. Chocolate fav


Lite fluffy gluten free keto.My best KB product


Carrying 4 loaves to UK.Says a lot, maybe?


My husband and I fight for the last slice. Too good


Dream come true. Keto pista cake

Leena Rao

Oh man.like eating a loaf of Pista


Delayed delivery made me so angry.But then i received the cookies and forgot about the delay.

Mahi Pandey

Dangerous cookies,can’t stop eating,but healthy and low carb so fine can eat more


Perfect sweetness.Best part – no insulin spike for me

Radha Murali

Cant describe. So good. I like the chocolate cookies too


Keto cookies faverite

Pooja Jain

A family of 3 diabetics and 1 pre diabetic. We love Kilobeaters

Charu Sharma

My blood sugar didnt spike.Good cookies. Satisfying

Vishnu V

Crunchy,chewy,nutty. Best keto cookies


Simple cookies.My kid carries them to school


This till ladoo is better than my mother’s sugar loaded one


Made with only nuts and seeds. Perfect Keto Mithai

Rashmi Raman

Soft cashew ladu. Trying breakfast clusters next

Rajesh A

What a treat these are. comg for more


Will buy again. Family loved the zero sugar laadus


Cashew ladoo so soft. Till ladoo so crunchy and creamy. Super!

Trupti Bageerath

Shilpa Shetty ko sign karo logon

Fitness guru Raj

Simple ingredients made to taste so good without sugar and carbs.You’ve got me as a loyal customer.Must mention breakfast clusters are my family’s breakfast


Dilli me shop kholo please

Ketki Patil

Till ladoo kya banaya.Diabetic husband so happy

Reena Jaiswal

No sugar? How so good


Creative bunch of people here at Kilobeaters


Not one to review. But this deserved my time. Health taken next level


That cashew coconut ladoo is divine

Mrs. Sehgal

Till ladoo fav


Price kam karoooo. Jeb phatega. Tasty hai


My doc suggested these. He was right.


I bought 100g first. I’m carrying 3 kgs to London. Kickass

Dr. Chahan

There’s a small chocolate in the centre. That’s my favorite part

Meenal Shinde

How does this NOT spike my blood sugar? I Checked after 1 hour as well. Clean cookie i guess

Tania agarwal

Cravings sorted

Lakshman Parekh

Chocolat,almond,peanut butter. You can’t go wrong with that


Didnt spike my blood sugar on Ultrahuman. Taste very good

Pallabh Roy

Delayed delivery. But they gave me a free packet to make up. Very sweet


My kids love this no sugar cookie


Small cookies but super tasty. Addicted!


This is nutty nutty. I eat one after every meal. Thankie KB

Prerna Pillai

2 of mine were broken. But accha taste tha


Almond and peanut butter! Freakin delish


These cookies are so filling. Love them


Chatpata keto namkeen

John Doe

Sooo almondy, so chocolatey. Doesnt get better


Cake bahut accha tha. Full family diabetic

Sonal Shah

Standard good fat , protein , low carb breakfast with yogurt

John Doe

My cake was slightly broken but big deal! Tastes so good


Chocolate cake is so dark and so moist. love it


Christmas sorted. My diabetic father had no insulin spike. Happy

Yamini K

My 6th cake. Phenomenal


Can you please deliver faster to Chennai or I will have to move to Pune


Kya mast cake. Thank you Kilobeaters


Bakery plum cake booo. Try this plum cake.

Sweetie Kapadia

I love this cake. So clean and tastes brilliant. Please work on the packaging


My after meal dessert. As a diabetic this is a life saver.

Swapnil Phasge

Chocolate dessert for diabetes.

Varsha Mane

Roasted almonds and keto friendly zero sugar chocolate. doesn’t get better than this.

Rajesh Pawar

My doctor says eat this and so tasty. No sugar spike.

Rutuja Patil

Almond flour and no sugar chocolate – heaven on earth.

Kimaya Kulkarni

Eat your chocolate without sugar spike.

Chaitrali Pawar

My go to Intermittent fasting meal.

Mansi Surve

Helped me lose weight through protein and fat first.

Pratiksha Kamble

Squeeky clean ingredients, No presevatives, No hidden sugar, No hidden carb.

Neha Rathor

Dessert for breakfast. So healthy and clean ingredients.

Ganesh Jadhav

Why eat oats? when you can eat low carb high protein.

Bharati Choudhari

I cook mine with coconut milk – love love love.

Vanita Shelar

So much better than bland, heavy carb oats.

Dinesh Surwase

So filling and doesnt spike insulin.

Sagar Jadhav

Takes 20 seconds to make and tastes like kheer.

Amol Wahi

No oats for me anymore – only this porridge mix topped with peanut butter.

Priyanka Mohite

All i need every morning is this breakfast cluster, yogurt and stevia.

Ravi Menon

I am diabetic and oats raises my Insulin. Breakfast clusters with heart healthy fat and low carb stabilises my blood sugar levels.

Vivek Kulkarni

My system thanks me for your breakfast.

Prafulla Nisar

Taste and health packed in one.

Anjali Bhosale

No more cravings thanks to this clean breakfast.

Balram Singh

Diabetes cereal so good for me.

Akhil Yadav

I can’t no more eat junk breakfast. This so good.

Vinod Sonvane

Stop eating those cereals with hidden sugar, eat this.

Sunil Bhatia

Clean products like these are a good habit.

Tripta Sharma

So clean ingredients love the taste without any harm.

Rajiv Awade

Good fat to keep my weight and diabetes in check.

Smita Kadam

My doc prescribed this and it has helped me tremendously.

Shrinivas Joshi

This is such a tasty low carb breakfast.


Sweet brekkie, without any insulin spike. Diabetics can eat chocolate for breakfast! FINALLY! raises my blood sugar 0%.

Yogesh Rambhia

Heavenly and simple breakfast.


Such clean ingredients. Love the taste.

Pavithra Acharya

I love breakfast these days with this high protein ZERO SUGAR clusters.

Jayshree Savla

Clusters that taste chocolatey with lots of protein.

Swapna Shetty

Has helped me lose weight also. And look forward to breakfast everyday.

Sonu Mungekar

No sugar or grains in any form. Perfect.

Vineet Agarwala

Zero Preservatives and Zero sugar. What a lovely product.

Vivek Semwal

Love starting my day low carb. so much more energy. Tasty, crunchy.

Nitin Gaikwad

Good fats and tasty cereal without any hidden sugar to begin the day.

Deepak Patil

Simple, high protein low carb cereal solves my Bradley breakfast issues.


If you are having cravings but afraid having chocolates or protein bars – Kilobeaters is the Solution of all the problem. i hv purchased al products its so amazing taste delicious i can hv all of them without having guilt, it’s healthy and plus point very reasonable. Thankyou for curating this lovely product for us.

Nikhil Dedhia

Simple, high protein low carb cereal solves my Bradley breakfast issues. Good fats and tasty cereal without any hidden sugar to begin the day Love starting my day low carb. so much more energy Tasty, crunchy Zero Preservatives and Zero sugar. what a lovely product No sugar or grains in any form. Has helped me lose weight also. and look forward to breakfast everyday.

The food is delicious and the management is amazing. Got the menu card of the entire week right on Monday mornings. The delivery was done by Sachin Sir. He was very considerate about my timings and never delayed the delivery of the food. Thank you Shyma Ma’am, Sachin Sir and the entire Kilobeaters team.

isha pawar

This has worked like magic on me. Superb results in just a month’s time. I never thought losing weight by eating absolutely delicious food is ever possible.

Gauri Sapre

I have opted for my daily dinners with Kilibeaters since last 3 months. It has completely changed my outlook towards healthy low carb food. The meals are very very tasty, ingredients are fresh & variety is ample.The delivery of the meal is alway on time too. The meals help me to stay on my healthy eating goal and give me enough energy to my next day morning workout. I have seen a good inch loss in past 3 months & Kilibeaters dinner Meal is a big part of that. Keep up the good work.

Ulka Sardesai