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Dessert Cookies – Almond Berry

Craving a cookie everyday? Replace the unhealthy version with this High protein - Low carb, keto friendly version! High protein Low carb Keto friendly Diabetes friendly Gluten free Vegan Zero added sugar Zero preservatives Zero raising/ binding agents
200 gm 1 Packet Serves 5

From: 320.00

Best for: High protein snack • Coffee accompaniment • Dessert replacement

Cookies are for everyone – whether you are tring to lose weight or a Diabetic. Our Almond cookies are made with 5 ingredients only! No flour, no grain, no presevatives, no raising agents! They satiate your sweet tooth with fulfiling your protein requirements. VEGAN – KETO FRIENDLY – GLUTEN FREE

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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
Calories (kcal) 464.72
Total carb (g) 16.18
Added Sugar (g) 0
Net carb (g) 4.18
Protein (g) 19
Total fat (g) 36
Transfat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Dietary fibre (g) 12
Potassium (mg) 490
Sodium (mg) 6

serving size = 100g
values per serving

Benefits of the Ingredients Used


Delayed delivery made me so angry.But then i received the cookies and forgot about the delay.

Mahi Pandey

Dangerous cookies,can’t stop eating,but healthy and low carb so fine can eat more


Perfect sweetness.Best part – no insulin spike for me

Radha Murali

Cant describe. So good. I like the chocolate cookies too


Keto cookies faverite

Pooja Jain

A family of 3 diabetics and 1 pre diabetic. We love Kilobeaters

Charu Sharma

My blood sugar didnt spike.Good cookies. Satisfying

Vishnu V

Crunchy,chewy,nutty. Best keto cookies


Simple cookies.My kid carries them to school