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High Protein Breakfast Clusters – Vanilla

High protein - Low carb clusters made with whey isolate, nuts, seeds and stevia erythritol blend. ZERO PRESEVATIVE - ZERO GRAIN - HIGH PROTEIN start to the day!
200 gm 1 Packet Serves 5
From: 290.00
Best for: Bored of eggs? Break your fast with these High Protein Clusters • Zero Preservatives • Low Carb • Good Fat

High protein- low carb breakfast – undoubtedly, the best way to kick start your day. Lean protein – whey isolate, Good fat – Nuts and seeds, Low carb – Zero grain, Gut healthy – Zero presevatives –  a Weight loss + Muscle gain breakfast !

A cup of yogurt topped with fruit and breakfast clusters makes for a perfect crunchy breakfast on the go option.

Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
Approx Macros 170  Kcal
 Per 50 g
Protein  14 g
Carbohydrate  6 g
Fat 10 g
Sugar 0 g
Benefits of the Ingredients Used


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