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Vegan Berry Breakfast Clusters

High protein - low carb - keto friendly vegan clusters made with zero sugar berries, nuts and seeds. SAY NO to preservatives, anti caking agents or any other additives
200 gm 1 Packet Serves 5


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Best for: Breakfast with yogurt and stevia/ fruit • First meal without insulin spike • High protein - anti oxidant rich breakfast

Veganism is a way of life and if you’ve made that choice, we are here to assist you with our VEGAN BREAKFAST CEREAL!

High protein- low carb breakfast – undoubtedly, the best way to kick start your day with lean protein , good fat and low carb. Zero grain, Gut healthy and Zero preservatives  makes this Vegan Breakfast option an environmentally conscious way to improving your gut health and overall well-being.

High in anti oxidants from the zero sugar cranberries and blueberries

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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
Approx Macros  153 Kcal
 Per 50 g 
Protein  7 g
Carbohydrate  11 g
Fat  9 g
Sugar  0 g


Standard good fat , protein , low carb breakfast with yogurt

John Doe

Heavenly and simple breakfast.


Such clean ingredients. Love the taste.

Pavithra Acharya

I love breakfast these days with this high protein ZERO SUGAR clusters.

Jayshree Savla

Clusters that taste chocolatey with lots of protein.

Swapna Shetty