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High Protein Breakfast Clusters – Raw Cacao, Berry Combo (2 Kg)

2 Kg (1 Kg per pack)


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Best for: Breakfast clusters with yogurt and nut butter taste heavely and give you that extra boost of protein! • First ideal meal of the day with a high protein - anti oxidant rich breakfast.

What it contains: 

  • All our products are made zero grain, zero sugar, zero presevatives and zero additives

Raw cacao clusters:

  • Zero Grain – Zero Sugar
  • Keto friendly – made with nuts, seeds and a zero sugar chocolate
  • Diabetes friendly ingredients – minimal blood sugar spike
  • Zero Preservatives
  • A cup of yogurt, a few drops of stevia and breakfast clusters makes for a perfect breakfast option for weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Berry clusters:

  • Keto friendly and Diabetes friendly ingredients
  • You get your body’s requirement of lean protein from the 100% Whey isolate used in the making!
  • High in anti oxidants from the zero sugar cranberries and blueberries
  • Zero Grain -Zero Hidden Sugar  – Zero Preservatives

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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
Energy 170kcal
Protein 14g
Carbohydrate 6g
Added Sugar 0.0g
Fat 10g

serving size = 50g
values per serving

Benefits of the Ingredients Used


Standard good fat , protein , low carb breakfast with yogurt

John Doe

Heavenly and simple breakfast.


Such clean ingredients. Love the taste.

Pavithra Acharya

I love breakfast these days with this high protein ZERO SUGAR clusters.

Jayshree Savla

Clusters that taste chocolatey with lots of protein.

Swapna Shetty