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Low carb Breakfast kit – For Diabetics

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Best for: Diabetics

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Benefits of the Ingredients Used


All i need every morning is this breakfast cluster, yogurt and stevia.

Ravi Menon

I am diabetic and oats raises my Insulin. Breakfast clusters with heart healthy fat and low carb stabilises my blood sugar levels.

Vivek Kulkarni

My system thanks me for your breakfast.

Prafulla Nisar

Taste and health packed in one.

Anjali Bhosale

No more cravings thanks to this clean breakfast.

Balram Singh

Diabetes cereal so good for me.

Akhil Yadav

I can’t no more eat junk breakfast. This so good.

Vinod Sonvane

Stop eating those cereals with hidden sugar, eat this.

Sunil Bhatia

Clean products like these are a good habit.

Tripta Sharma

So clean ingredients love the taste without any harm.

Rajiv Awade

Good fat to keep my weight and diabetes in check.

Smita Kadam

My doc prescribed this and it has helped me tremendously.

Shrinivas Joshi

This is such a tasty low carb breakfast.


Sweet brekkie, without any insulin spike. Diabetics can eat chocolate for breakfast! FINALLY! raises my blood sugar 0%.

Yogesh Rambhia