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Low carb – Keto friendly Almond Nankhatai cookies

Replace the traditional flour based Nankhatai with this pure Almond version - that's Keto and diabetes friendly too causing minimal blood sugar spike!
100 gm

From: 228.00

Best for: High protein snack • Coffee accompaniment • Dessert replacement

Your traditional Nankhatai cookies now have a clean, low carb version.

These cookies are

a. Made with pure Almond flour only. Zero added sugar – Zero preservative

b. Diabetes friendly – causing minimal blood sugar spike*

c. Keto friendly and low carb

d. Tastes better than the real deal according to us.

e. The ingredients are – Almond flour, ghee, stevia, erythritol, saffron, cardamom


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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts/ 30g
Calories (kcal) 144.90
Total carb (g) 18.44
Added Sugar (g) 0.00
Net carb (g) 15.5
Protein (g) 8.36
Total fat (g) 7.34
Transfat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Dietary fibre (g) 7.3
Potassium (mg) 138.8
Sodium (mg) 236.97

serving size = 30g
values per serving

Benefits of the Ingredients Used


Doctor recommended Kilobeaters and I am a fan ever since. Low carb snacks are the best here. Tastes delicious. I don’t crave sugar anymore.

Naveen Ramaswamy

I ate the whole packet and checked my Cyborg. Literally no insulin surge at all.


Some were a little broken. But that is ok. It was delicious. Coming back for more

Renu pillai

Divine cookies. Reminds me shrewsberry biscuits without the sugar and maida


Best keto friendly biscuits I ever had in India.


Clean ingredients. Wish you used dates instead of erythritol. But, it wouldn’t be Keto then.

Lavanya KP

My glucose monitor didn’t budge. So happy. Finally some authenticity around


Started with 100g pk, asked them for sample. They said no. I got angry. But now I buy 400g without discount. So tasty

Jeremy V

I have a Type 1 diabetic child and husband. These cookies won’t spike insulin. Lucky to have found them.

Palak Mehta

Think it tastes better than the real nankhatai

Reshma Kalivaidya

These are so delish! I finished a pk in 2 days

Manu Gupta

Melt in your mouth cookies. Didn’t spike my blood sugar either. New favorite from Kilobeaters