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Noatmeal – Combo (150g/pack – 3 packs)

450 gm (150 gm each)


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Best for: Breakfast • First Meal • Post Workout

Warm breakfast lover, but, watching your calorie intake? Add this NOATMEAL to your cart right away!


OATMEAL – Boring, bland, heavy carb, doesn’t aid weight loss, monotonous breakfast.


  • Aids weight loss due to the high protein – low carb content.
  • Tastes like a dessert for breakfast. Start your day with 23g of protein to up your energy levels for the day.
  • NO insulin spike – Made with 100% nuts and seeds only.

A high protein (whey) – low carb (no oats) porridge mix made with nut and seed flours only!

Cooks in 1 min just like a porridge and feels like a dessert for breakfast!

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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
Energy 224Kcal
Protein 23g
Carbohydrate 6g
Added Sugar 0.0g
Fat 12g

serving size = 50g approx.
values per serving

Benefits of the Ingredients Used


Can you please deliver faster to Chennai or I will have to move to Pune


My go to Intermittent fasting meal.

Mansi Surve

Helped me lose weight through protein and fat first.

Pratiksha Kamble

Squeeky clean ingredients, No presevatives, No hidden sugar, No hidden carb.

Neha Rathor

Dessert for breakfast. So healthy and clean ingredients.

Ganesh Jadhav

Why eat oats? when you can eat low carb high protein.

Bharati Choudhari