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Vanilla Cinnamon Whey Bar for Diabetics (Subscription)

Your 4 pm Zero insulin spike - Diabetes friendly snack!

From: 1,350.00

Best for: 4pm Snack • Breakfast on the Go • Midnight Cravings • Netflix accompaniment • Dessert Craving • Post Workout

A clean high protein  bar  recommended by renowned doctors curated to ensure no insulin spike – made with  nuts and seeds, whey isolate and stevia. This bar has zero grain, zero sugar and zero preservatives. If you’re a fan of simple flavors of vanilla and cinnamon, this one’s for you! This bar is made with organic vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, nuts and seeds – think of it like a healthy, nut bar loaded with vitamins, minerals and heart healthy fat .

Late night cravings, going on a holiday, post workout refuel…or just looking for a low carb snack – try our #CHEATwithoutCHEATING Whey bars!

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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
 Per 30 g
Energy  122 Kcal
Protein  14 g
Carbohydrate  6 g
Fat  7 g
Sugar  0 g
Cholesterol  0 g
Benefits of the Ingredients Used


My after meal dessert. As a diabetic this is a life saver.

Swapnil Phasge

Chocolate dessert for diabetes.

Varsha Mane

Roasted almonds and keto friendly zero sugar chocolate. doesn’t get better than this.

Rajesh Pawar

My doctor says eat this and so tasty. No sugar spike.

Rutuja Patil

Almond flour and no sugar chocolate – heaven on earth.

Kimaya Kulkarni

Eat your chocolate without sugar spike.

Chaitrali Pawar

If you are having cravings but afraid having chocolates or protein bars – Kilobeaters is the Solution of all the problem. i hv purchased al products its so amazing taste delicious i can hv all of them without having guilt, it’s healthy and plus point very reasonable. Thankyou for curating this lovely product for us.

Nikhil Dedhia