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Messy, gooey, zero added sugar - Cacao hazelnut spread
60g / pouch

From: 340.00

Best for: Breakfast - smoothie - just snip and lick! High protein - low carb - keto friendly - diabetes friendly - nut butter

This spread will remind of the best Hazelnut spread you’ve eaten… We definitely ain’t name calling here.

Key highlights of the Wheyzulnut spread

a. Hazelnut, almonds, whey, raw cacao, zero calorie sweetener (stevia + erythritol)

b. Net carb/ serve is 3.5g ONLY!

c. Keto and diabetes friendly – this product causes Zero to minimal spike *

d. Smooth, chocolatey goodness to satisfy all your chocolate cravings WITHOUT the sugar!

e. We don’t say LESSER SUGAR – we say ZERO ADDED SUGAR

Snip , Squeeeze, Devour!


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Additional Information

Nutritional Facts
Approx Macros  289.2 Kcal
 Per 60 g 
Protein  9.7 g
Net Carbohydrate  3.5 g
Fat  11.4 g
Added Sugar  0 g
Benefits of the Ingredients Used


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