Winter Ladoo Box

Eat ladoos for immunity this winter


Best for: Winters | Ladoo Craving | Guilt free sweet | Snacking tea time
  • Winter low carb ingredients
  • Sesame peanut ladoo and Cashew coconut ladoo
  • Rolled fresh into Keto friendly, Diabetes friendly ladoos
  • 100% Nuts and seeds only
  • Zero calorie plant based sweetener
  • Minimal to zero blood sugar spike

Frequently Bought Together

Cashew Coconut Ingredients
Nutritional Facts
Product Cashew coconut
Values 30g (per ladoo)
Energy (kcal) 135.4
Carbohydrates 6.38
Net carb 4.18
Protein 2.67
Fiber 2.2
Fat 11.5
Natural sugar 1.85
Added sugar 0
Sodium 4
Peanut Sesame Ingredients
Nutritional Facts
Product Peanut Sesame
Values 30g (per ladoo)
Energy (kcal) 179
Carbohydrates 5.4
Net carb 2.4
Protein 7.56
Fiber 3
Fat 15.2
Natural sugar 1.03
Added sugar 0
Sodium 7
Benefits of the Ingredients Used


This till ladoo is better than my mother’s sugar loaded one


Made with only nuts and seeds. Perfect Keto Mithai

Rashmi Raman

Soft cashew ladu. Trying breakfast clusters next

Rajesh A

What a treat these are. comg for more


Will buy again. Family loved the zero sugar laadus


Cashew ladoo so soft. Till ladoo so crunchy and creamy. Super!

Trupti Bageerath

Shilpa Shetty ko sign karo logon

Fitness guru Raj

Simple ingredients made to taste so good without sugar and carbs.You’ve got me as a loyal customer.Must mention breakfast clusters are my family’s breakfast


Dilli me shop kholo please

Ketki Patil

Till ladoo kya banaya.Diabetic husband so happy

Reena Jaiswal

No sugar? How so good


Creative bunch of people here at Kilobeaters


Not one to review. But this deserved my time. Health taken next level


That cashew coconut ladoo is divine

Mrs. Sehgal

Till ladoo fav