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Zero sugar snack gift box large

1060 gm
Best for: You have someone you care about, help them start the day right with this Gift box

Exciting low carb, zero sugar, squeaky clean, keto friendly munchies that cause minimal blood sugar spike for all occasions.

What do you get : 

6 Bars of Raw cacao whey bar (6) : India’s first Low carb / Keto friendly whey bar made only with nuts and seeds. Zero oats, Zero dates

3 Pack of Ditch the candy : Late night chocolate cravings? Stock up to make the right choice Bars made with a 100% Almond flour base and a zero sugar, keto friendly chocolate

1 Pack of South style namkeen : Munch on this south indian style snack made with roasted garlic, spices and fresh curry leaves. Adios chips! Slow roasted and mildly salted with pink himalayan salt – our beloved Nuts Namkeen is known to cause minimal to zero blood sugar spike as it is ZERO grain

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