In our hustle filled lives, we are to be in the fittest form and remain productive until we call it a day. However, most of us get so exhausted with our daily lives, we hardly get enough sleep or are motivated to do anything for ourselves. The will to strike that balance still lures within us nevertheless. For instance, if you’re running late in the morning, your easiest breakfast fix is a scoop of protein and water! Well,  protein is great – but you definitely need more than that! 

Why are smoothies often not the best way to get your daily protein?


  • Outsourced Protein Smoothie 

Classic mistake this one! The protein powder used by your favorite Smoothie place is usually inexpensive, low in quality, contains added sugar and a whole load of preservatives. 

  • DIY Protein Smoothie

Some of us take out the time to blend our own smoothies. That’s just perfect! But, do you read the ingredients at the back of your favorite Smoothie blend? It invariably contains fillers like Maltodextrin, making you full for really long.

  • Making a vegetable smoothie 

Adding green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, celery, broccoli, cucumber will mean a negligible amount of protein; an average glass of the perfectly vegan blend smoothie carries around 1.2g of protein. 

  • Terrible tasting smoothie blends

The fact is, that eating healthy will be a consistent practice only if it favors our taste buds. Certain combinations of smoothie blends can seriously be impossible to gulp down daily. With each lace of blend, the smoothie varies in its nutritional value and calories. When any sort of sweetener is added to the smoothies like dates, honey, maple syrup, sugar cane syrup and so on they result in an insulin spike and creates an imbalance in blood sugar level. This does worse than any good to your health. 


Breakfast Clusters Vs Protein Smoothie

If you’re someone whose focus is consumption of good fat, protein, low carb and zero sugar – these Clusters are your jam! Unlike many protein powders, our products have no preservatives, artificial color or gold fillers. There isn’t a single ingredient you baby pronounce!

Eaten with yogurt and topped with your favorite nut butter, these clusters make a nutrient dense meal with all the micronutrients in place. In its entirety, breakfast clusters have a whopping 14g of protein. 

The Clusters also a good source of magnesium, an important mineral to maintain the blood sugar level in diabetics 

The benefits of consuming this solid source of protein and dietary fiber are innumerable. Making a habit of the Kilobeaters breakfasts help in weight loss and to tackle obesity, aids in the prevention of various diseases and the best part is that it is a natural mood lifter and leaves you feeling so lite and sated. 

Definitely give our breakfast clusters a try – we recommend the Raw cacao and Berry clusters for your source of antioxidants first thing in the morning !

As we always say, fitness is a lifestyle. Help us , help you make it one.