Take up a challenge today, get your insulin checked after consuming a typical Indian meal – rice, roti, bajra, dal, dosa, idli, and so on, and compare it with the results of the same test post a low-carb meal like chicken, paneer, veggies, nuts, seeds, Kilobeaters breakfast clusters, etc. The results will have a stark variation – glucose spike at it’s highest in the former case. 

Carbohydrates are the major, or many a times – the sole ingredient that causes a spike in insulin, causing an imbalance in the blood sugar level. 

Unfortunately,  the most accessible ‘go-to’ advisor about nutrition is – the internet, it may as well be your body and test results.  Umberto Eco once stated that “A great problem of the internet is how to filter information, how to discard what is not relevant or what is silly, and to keep only the important information.”

This is true as it makes sense when all of us try to get information about our dietary choices;  there is a ton of information out there,  contradicting one another, on whether one should consume carbs? Is it essential ? Will it affect our health if we cut down on carbs? What is the role of carbs? etc … There are innumerable questions and different answers to each one of them. It can get mind-boggling while trying to get THE solution for your condition. To make this simple for you, we are sharing our thoughts below. 

Carbs – Yes/ No?

Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient, no doubt – once it enters the digestive system, the insulin produced in our pancreas acts as a fuel to the machine which breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. Glucose which is also known as blood sugar “is the main source of energy”, which is carried to our cells, organs, and tissues to function in full vigor. Here comes the twist in the plot, it is not necessary to get glucose from the food we eat. Our body is capable of making its glucose, however, the necessary nutritional elements which we need to get from an extrinsic source are amino acids and fatty acids. These are not produced by our body on its own! 

Carbohydrates comprise of sugars, starches and fiber. It could be further categorized as simple or complex carbs. So, coming back to the answer to the question, there is no black or white scenario when it comes to pointing out if the consumption of carbs are good or bad. It simply depends on your requirements and your choice of carbs. 

Carbohydrates are present in more or less all types of food that we eat. It is present in whole grains, rice, flour, dal, baked items, fast food, fruits, vegetables, meat, egg, and so on. We need to segregate them and avoid consuming simple carbs. Simple or soluble carbs have more sugar in them, which can cause a spike in the blood sugar level. When it does so, our body usually stores extra blood sugar in our body which can lead to heart disease, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and so on.

Instead, if you are a Diabetic or want to knock off some pounds, the most sustainable way would be to follow a meal plan that is high in protein and fiber. 

Low carb – high protein Lifestyle

The healthiest sources of carbs can also lead to a blood sugar level spike. Too much of the right carbs with nil activity can push you into a prediabetic phase. Refer to our blog post: “A prediabetic to a non-diabetic” info. 

As famously quoted, “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”  

Following a low carb – high protein diet is the best option to lead a healthy and fit life if you are prone to obesity or lifestyle diseases. One can try “High protein – low carb flakes made with nuts and seeds” or simply termed Nut flakes – our alternative to sugar-coated, highly processed,  preservative loaded Cornflakes ; you can also try breakfast clusters or

These meal alternatives can be incorporated as your daily nutritional sources. These are high protein – low carb lifestyle products that help maintain your blood sugar levels and knock off your bad habits of eating sugar and excess carbohydrate first thing in the morning .

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean munching on snacks or desserts are denied. Our products help you make those clean choices as well. 

Concluding with the challenge. 

Try our products and test your blood sugar spike! Drop the results in the comments below. 

As we always say,  Fitness is a lifestyle! Stay disease free forever with Kilobeaters – Lifestyle Reset.