Not all good things are fake! So, you might as well believe something too good to be true. Erythritol is one such mighty blessing bestowed on all the sweet tooths who either avoid sugar by choice or resentfully. Let us see why!

We have advanced enormously in fields such as technology, invention, and science. Who could have imagined that every possible service would be available with just a simple tap on the phone screen? Especially, since covid-19 Our high-tech, fast-paced sedentary lives have caused us to become lazier and physically inactive. There are multiple health risks knocking at our door, such as obesity, heart diseases, cholesterol, prediabetes, diabetes [type-I and type-II], and so on. We need to battle with ourselves constantly to keep ourselves fit and out of hospital bills. The key solutions to battle these health risks are simple to listen to and talk about, but we know the difficulty behind maintaining consistency. One of the key elements includes a healthy diet that is high in protein and less in carbs. 

I am sure you must have all heard the quote, “one rotten potato in the bag ruins all the healthy ones.” Sugar is similar to a rotten potato in a healthy meal. However, maintaining consistency in consuming a low-carb, high-protein diet without your favorite flavor would seem like a nightmare. Although, not avoiding sugar will not be a problem anymore. An individual can still savor and relish the sweet, sugary flavor without any drawbacks. Sounds unbelievable? How can this be possible? The answer to all the questions arising in the mind is Erythritol.

What is Erythritol?

The low calorie sweetener erythritol may seem too good to be true!

Erythritol belongs to the family of sugar alcohols which is also known as a polyol. There are many other members of this particular group of alcohols, such as Sorbitol, Maltitol, Glycerol, Xylitol, and so on. 

Do they have any side effects? Erythritol is an exception here. While other polyols may have a certain number of calories or elements which causes slightly ill side effects on our digestive system. Erythritol is different in that sense, consuming erythritol will give the exact sugary sweet flavor, it contains zero calories and there are no net carbs. According the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization, and various other health authorities have tested and confirmed that Erythritol is the safest sugar alcohol and it is the best alternative to the usual sugar we use daily. Erythritol is extracted naturally. Fruits and vegetables such as mushrooms, grapes, watermelon, and so on carry erythritol naturally in themselves.

It is 100% natural and safe, hence it has become one of the most used substitutes for any sort of processed sweetener in the fitness industry. It’s all good and no bad effects have made it an appealing alternative to all fitness freaks and diabetic individuals.

Erythritol has been confirmed as the best solution to all the dessert cravings of diabetic individuals, as consuming this sugar alcohol won’t affect the blood-sugar balance, nor will it cause any insulin spike unlike the other so-called healthy sugar alternatives commercially marketed as “healthy” – these include jaggery, dates, sugar cane syrup, honey, maple syrup and so on.

The Difference between Erythritol and other sugar alcohols

Multiple studies on its toxicity and effects on metabolism have been performed in animals. Erythritol has been found safe for both human and animal consumption

However, there is one major caveat to most sugar alcohols: They can cause digestive issues.

Due to their unique chemical structure, your body can’t digest them, and they pass unchanged through most of your digestive system, until they reach your colon.

In your colon, they’re fermented by the resident bacteria, which produce gas as a byproduct.

Consequently, eating large amounts of sugar alcohols may cause bloating and digestive upset. In fact, they belong to a category of fiber known as FODMAPs. However, erythritol is different from the other sugar alcohols. Most of it gets absorbed into your bloodstream before it reaches your colon . It circulates in your blood for a while, until it’s eventually excreted unchanged in your urine. About 90% of erythritol is excreted this way.

We at are proud to claim that all our products are 100% free of any insulin-spiking element. Our choices of sweeteners are hence, a combination of authentically sourced Erythritol in it’s purest form and naturally occurring stevia leaves.